5 Best Way to Write a News Article

A news article is not the same as a blog post or any informative piece. This is because they present information in a certain manner. Therefore, you must pass across all the appropriate information within a certain word count while giving your target audience accurate facts. Any journalist can tell you that knowing the best way to write the news articles can offer a boost to your journalism career. Apart from that, it can help you to improve your writing capabilities while assisting you to pass information across accurately and clearly. 

Plan the article

The first step to doing anything be it a trip or construction is to plan. That is the same with news articles. When planning your article, there are some questions you should ask yourself for you to come out with content that will satisfy your target audience. The questions include;

  • What happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • Where did the event take place?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How did it occur?
  • When did it take place?

Answering these questions will help you create a news article that will give all the information your audience wants to have. 

Do research

Once you have a plan in mind. Do thorough research on the topic. Researching on the topic you wish to write about is one way to ensure that you have a credible article. The questions we mentioned above will also help you to have a well-structured article During your research, you will use the questions above to get the information to write about.

Assemble the facts

The best way to have a credible article is by getting in touch with the sources that you discovered during research. Find out from them the information that you need rather than being told from someone that so and so said this. After you have all the 5Ws answered, create a list of the pertinent information and facts that you think should be included in your news article. The next thing is to arrange them in groups. For example, you could organize them as follows

  • Those that you should include in your article
  • The interesting facts but not crucial
  • Related facts but those that are not vital in serving the purpose of your article. 

Having a fact list like one will assist you to avoid leaving out some crucial details about your news article. You will also have a well-structured article. 

Make an outline

Your article should have a structure of an inverted triangle. This technique lets you build your story in a way that the key details of the article are at the top. By this, we mean that you don’t need to keep your readers waiting to find out about the major points of your article.

Understand your audience

Understanding your audience helps you to know which tone you should use when writing your news article. You should know what makes them happy when they read from their feedback in your previous articles.


Every article whether it is a news article or a blog post needs research. But for the news articles, you present them differently by asking yourself the 5Ws.

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